Volunteers Requested

India Cultural Society, NJ – USA requests volunteers to join temple Volunteer group.”” Please send your email to [email protected]

Fund Raising Program

Dear Member,
TD Bank has developed a great new program to help not-for-profit organizations raise funds. It is called the Affinity Banking Program. Commerce will make a donation each year to the Hindu Temple & Mahatma Gandhi Center based on the sum of the average monthly balances in all member accounts during the year. Checking, savings, Money Market, CD and Retirement accounts are included in the program. This is an unique way to raise money for the Hindu Temple & Mahatma Gandhi Center. Note that it won’t cost you anything!

All account information is strictly confidential with TD Bank and no one from the Hindu Temple & Mahatma Gandhi Center has any knowledge of any account information.

Show your support by signing up today. new and existing TDBank accounts are eligible. Simply tell TDBank to include your account as part of the Affinity Banking Program for the Hindu Temple & Mahatma Gandhi Center. It’s that easy.

For more information or to open an account, visit your nearest branch or click on the Commerce icon. We are looking forward to your participation.