Lord Narayan otherwise known as Vishnu with His consort Laxmi is called LAXMI-NARAYAN. He represents the power of preservation and sustenance. He is one of the Gods of the Trinity. Laxmi is the Goddess of wealth. In the Vishnu Purana, Vishnu or Narayana is referred to as the Supreme all-pervading Reality which is the substratum of the microcasm and macrocasm.

Vishnu is perceived as lying on the many-headed cobra, Ananta or Adisesha in the ocean of milk. Adisesha denotes cosmic energy and the ocean symbolizes ananda or the endless bliss and grace of the Lord. Vishnu or Narayana holds in his four hands a conch (shankh), a discus (chakra), a mace (gada) and a lotus (padma). The Lord blows His Conch calling the people to lead a pure and noble life. The conch is also symbolic of Naada – Brahman or the music of the Cosmos. The Chakra , Narayana holds denotes His maintenance of dharma and order in the universe. The gada or mace connotes the removal of evil in the world and the lotus is a symbol of beauty and purity in the universe.

The consort of Lord Narayana or Vishnu, i.e.Laxmi is the one who brings prosperity. One hand One hand she holds, in abhaya mudra which says ‘ Do not fear’ and the other in the Varda mudra symbolic of the prosperity and grace she gives to the humanbeings. She sits on the lotus and holds lotus flowers in Her hand emphasizing the importance of pure living

Laxmi-Narayan , the preserver and sustainer of the Universe symbolizes protection, prosperity and purity of life.


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