Hanuman is a conspicuous figure in the Ramayana, known as the monkey chief of divine origin. He is supreme devotee of Sri Rama. His mother was Anjana, so he is called Anjaniputra. His father was “ the wind” Pavana, so he is also called Pavanaputra. Hanuman is believed to possess immense strength, hence he is the favorite deity of wrestlers and body-builders. He is also worshipped by as a celibate, as one who has mastered sense organs.

Lord hanuman is an embodiment of devotion. His devotion to Sri Rama allowed him to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks. He jumped from southern tip of India to Sri Lanka. Ravana’s men set his tail on fire, but with it he burned down the capital city of Lanka. He flew to the Himalayas and carried the mountain that contained sanjivani herbs, which helped heal Laksmana’s wounds.

He is most commonly represented as standing with feet planted firmly apart, with mace aloft in one hand and sanjeevani , the mountain of magical herbs in the other. Tuesdays and Saturdays are most important days for hanuman worship.

Lord hanuman is prayed for strength and devotion. Daily prayers end with a song of praise of lord hanuman.


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